Green House Tehcnology

Infrared Heating Panels

Far infrared heat works exactly like the world’s largest natural heater – the sun. Using the principles of conversion, our panels use far infrared waves, which produce heat when they touch a surface such as a wall, an object, or our bodies rather than heating the surrounding air.

Once an object begins to heat up it radiates heat back into the room so the heating is felt almost immediately.

This is a far more efficient way than traditional convection heating which causes hot air (which is very poor at heat retention) to rise and then as it cools it drops, resulting in warm and cold areas in a room. Our system helps to eliminate this problem entirely.

Green House Tehcnology

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are specially designed to offer increased solar reflectance and decreased thermal emittance. In other words, they reflect more of the sun's rays than your average shingle roof, and prevent the warm or cool air inside from escaping through the top of a building. Under the intense heat of the summer sun, dark shingle roofs can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65.5 degrees Celsius). The reflectance of a cool roof can cut that down by more than 50 degrees.

Lowering the temperature of the roof itself is an advantage, of course, but the real savings are inside. A cool roof improves the interior temperature of a building, either by reflecting intense heat or trapping the air inside. That reduces the strain placed on air conditioning systems, thereby reducing the emissions that result from powering our heating and cooling.

Smart House Tehcnology

Amazon Echo

It looks like a tube of Pringles but this is a voice-controlled speaker with its own virtual assistant, called Alexa. Say, “Alexa, turn up the heating in the living room” and if you have the right thermostat such as Nest, British Gas Hive and a range from Honeywell, Alexa will oblige. She will also tell you a joke, confirm sports scores, convert pounds to kilograms and so on. The multi-directional speakers in the Echo can be used for playing music, too, though this is not hi-fi quality. Incidentally, if you have a person called Alexa in your household, you can change the “wake word” which gets the system listening to you. Available in black or white finish. You can also order an Uber, control the Neato Botvac and tell you your weight that morning on the Fitbit Aria bathroom scales.

Smart House Tehcnology

Nest Learning Thermostat

The handsome Nest comes in several anodised aluminium finishes and can be wall-mounted or placed on a portable stand. It talks wirelessly to your boiler and can control radiators and water heating. If the sensor realises you have left the house it switches to Away mode, to save energy, though you can also turn heating and water on or off remotely via your smartphone. The system gently encourages you to turn the heating down and emails you an energy summary each month. You can set a schedule, though for the first few days it notes when you turn the heating on and off and creates a suitable timetable automatically. Works with Google, Amazon. Installation by a Nest-approved agent is quick and simple. It doesn’t work with every kind of heating but the website is pretty comprehensive and guides you through crucial details.